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excited live party mix 11.3.18

"off the cuff...

and off the wall!"





Stomperoo One


This be Peter Black's personal webpage and mostly a mp3 collection of my recorded songs from over the years. Please feel free to listen and save any selections you wish for your personal use. If you would like a full quality CD (often with art) of any of these productions please contact me by email (please put 'nuf cd inquiry' in your subject line). Or by mail to: Peter Black, PO Box 1549, Fort Bragg CA, 95437.
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QuickTime Movie: Lars Logan footage of Treats last performance with George from April 18, 2009 in his garage


"MUSIC HIDDEN IN THE FOREST" classic live EP treat for you: Treats at SurfFest 06


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nuf cd and performance mp3 archives it was

for fans and other family...

"Pete's music is such a joke!" - a delighted fan





pb photo> As At Home As It Gets

PB's Spring Time Sonic Ejaculation (12:53)

May 2, 2018



PB Sonic Ejaculation 5.18 nuf.mp3


Back To My Space Cowboy Roots

recorded with this mini rig

stomp strummin on my 12-string Danelectro

One Guitar - One Time Only

Wide Stereo Loud Room Recording it was ...all it was






Recorded in early Winter 1965 at the orignal Agenda Studio in my little cottage up at the end of York St above the freeway on the east edge of Bernal Heights.

PB on detuned autoharp through tape loop (1965). This was known as the 'Beaver' tape and I would drag around my tape revorder and play this through a five foot tall bass amp I rented from Acoma music down on Mission Street. Whar a gas. Performed at SF State and little house party gigs in Berkeley and around the city along with detuned guitar stuff and drums, a bass and sax on occasion also. Total atonal madness.



pb photo: self-portrait as a floating stone

PB 73rd Birthday Indulgence!

You Can't Touch Me Anymore

Elemental Stoner Song
PB and The Treats
July 2017

featuring PB's new Danelectro 12-string



PB Warbly Lapsteel Stuff

Best She Could live with The Treats on Barking Dog Day 2015



PB NZ 1991

Barking Dog in New Zealand 1991 with The Audacity

Davie Trotter accoustic lead
with Simon Critchley on the drums
live room stereo cassette mix

Speed Jean mp3


Home alone w/ electric buzz banjo and 8trk rig. Early Nuf Hit Factory and still in use today.
Especially when Wayne stops by without the rhythm section


pb's homepage


Still Dreamin' On Labor Day 2013


We Shall Have Freedom

click here for:

mp3 of this song recorded August 28, 2013 with all the Treats for you


This is the first song I ever writ. On the banjo I badgered off of young Robert Curt Brand in the late winter after the New Year 1963. At St. Lawrence University. Canton, New York. Bitter cold place.


This actually finally got recorded at the big 50th celebration of the March On Washington we did as a last minute home show excuse for a pizza with the Treats at the 417 Studio. Only time I ever played it with them.

August 28, 2013.



this next one was writ and recorded following the 25th anniversary of
the Big March On Washington and also the
passing of my Dad. Sometimes happy.
Sometimes sad. Lots of images from the march appearin all the time on both channels
over there in New Zealand at the time.

Didn't We Have Quite A Time!

mp3 file of pb's original tune
recorded on Fostex X-15 portable cassette
in The Spare Room, Wellington, New Zealand 1989
double guitar tracks and vocal




We acquired 2400 sq ft of new space up here on Walnut Street in Fort Bragg.. Lots of room for recording and performance. A monster move after 17 years in our cottage studio on the little alley up above Noyo Harbor just a few blocks south. Things are just about setting pretty, at last, so be looking for new recordings in the near future. Want updates? Please contact me at and I'll keep you informed on new tunes etc. as they post on this site. Also, should you be interested in full quality custom label audio CDs of any listings with all original artwork, notes etc, get in touch. I can get anything on site to you by mail. Keep the Faith!

your ol pal
Barking Dog




from jeff berner photo summer 2010

nufstuff (c)(p)Peter Black since 1996

Don't piss off the artists. All elements of this site are fully protected under copyright law and are not intended for any commercial use without written permission.

The Agenda Studio * Box 1549 * Fort Bragg CA 95437
"where it's ok to have fun with your music"



for our fans
featuring free Mp3s of tracks from a eclectic list of our CDs

Here's A Rough Diamond for you!

Live recording from the Benefit for The Footlighters Little Theatre in Fort Bragg, California, April 15, 2006

w/ Frank Casian joining me on lead

Quite A Time mp3 file

writ the year after my dad passed while I was living in New Zealand 1989

from the raw beginnings: Prehistoric Treats and Bone Stuff



This be more the way I'm playin with my bandmates today...

Ra Coon's Revenge

Sweet Little Instrumental
Spring 2011
off the cuff and in the rough


A first single from the reformed original Treats with new drummer Tom Rickard
a righteous new mp3 for you!

Considerations In The Library

recorded Summer 2009 at the old place

originally writ in 1965 up on Bernal Heights at the original Agenda Studio on York St.




NEW TREATS in The Spare Room

New Treats with Tom Rickard


Neil Lowe


Wayne Christopherson


and Peter Black

Spring 2011

a little Sampler CD pressing from when the wife was away in March

Stand Back!
The Treats

4trks (36:35)
Live in The Spare Room
March 10, 2010

Totally Off The Cuff and In The Rough

Genuine Once Only Miracle Tracks

For Hearty Souls


and some choice moments from earlier that year

February .... The Experiment Continues

a scalp from the second session

Rough 8-track mix of the last song we captured the other night. Amasing set up for four active musicians in a space capsule enviornment. I get pix next time. No room for dogs. 'Empty Houses' was written in the great lonliness of the Comptche Big Wet of '72. This is true miracle music. Tom Rickard on the new studio electronic drum set has really set things off again. Off the cuff and in the rough first time go around This is a two parter so not as indulgent as it might seem. Wayne, Pete, Neil and Tom Live in The Spare Room,

Empty Houses


January 2010

I Need Your Love
Stereo MicroTrak 192mp3

off the cuff and in the rough

original Ramboto Music from The Spare Room up in Fort Bragg
Pete, Wayne, Neil and Tom


And Stuff From Last Year ...recent times and beyond

Accidental music as it spurted out and got recorded one way or another ... for fans only


Beware Of The Dog!



JULY 2010



Barking Dog at Yellow (1975)
photo: Stephen Agetstein


(Neil Young)
Barking Dog & The Treats
Wild & Young
Spring 2010
(3:07) mp3 (4.3mg)
smaller version (2.8 mgs)

short 'nuf for the radio




from raw stereo cassette recordings

She's A Dairy Cream Star
Barking Dog
w/The Audacity
(3:39) 5mgs
recorded live at The Cave Inn
Wellington, New Zealand
spring 1991
Loose Ens




...and other Experiments & Curiosities


Raw Pete
Columbus Day 2011

in the drizzle of the predawn...


OccupyThis! nuf.mp3






Holiday Treat 2010

Accidental Music From our October sessions

Tell Me The Story was written from the well back in Comptche Cabin days, I'm saying summer '73. Anyway, when Bob Evans opened his slaughterhouse and we mused on what a great music studio it would make.

Tell Me The Story
mp3 (4:51) ( 4mgs)
Pete with The Treats
"off the cuff and in the ruff"
October 2010


Summer Daze

Mix 825
for a bad weather day
rescued overdriven MicroTrak recording
The Treats w/Sandy Whetstone lending some tasteful lead lines
Live in The Spare Room
August 2010

Sandy at The Studio

plus this accoustic version recorded earlier this spring when Sandy stopped by The Spare Room and we got this little experiment on the little micotrak stereo recorder.

Bad Weather Day (12.7 mg file)
"...too long for the radio."


new treats

Summer 2009

... and now what? A first single from the reformed original Treats with new drummer Tom Rickard
a righteous new mp3 for you!
Considerations In The Library



for our fans
featuring free Mp3s of tracks from a eclectic list of our CDs

Old Treats
mp3 archive

Lots of Pete Black music and other oddities!


Best old boy Robert Curt Brand has his newest CD available at Check it out!


On Agenda


this famboozle was first sticked up in the fall of 1996 and continues as an ongoing archive as The OnAgenda Home Page

old visitors will find all the old oddness preserved at the above link. Lots of multigenerational writing, poetry etc. from myself friends and family contributed over the early years.


The Agenda Studio * Box 1549 * Fort Bragg CA 95437

"where it's ok to have fun with your music"

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Don't piss off the artists. All elements of this site are fully protected under copyright law and are not intended for any commercial use without written permission.