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'nuf! mp3 archive
Precious Treats For Everybody!

December 2009

a special holiday track from the original Treats Santa's Workshop

Summer 2009

... and now what? A first single from the reformed original Treats with new drummer Tom Rikard
a righteous new mp3 for you!
Considerations In The Library

April 2009

Neil, George, Pete and Wayne

Bye Bye Treats. George Cordes, our inspired drummer ascends to a new life in Coquille, Oregon.

Here's a parting moment of glory, a short movie caught at our last little gathering.: A rowdy off handed take on our fav stomp throber Trip On Me. Listen for a right truly astounding (off camera) solo from Wayne.

Lars Logan footage from April 18, 2009 in George's garage.

December 2008

celebrating the never ending summer of love
Frisco Flowers
a mp3 Holiday Treat from The Treats






recorded earlier that year:

new release MP3 stash


featuring specimens from the ongoing experiments at The Agenda Studio and Sow's Ear Digital up here in Fort Bragg on the Lost Coast of Northern California

full quality audio CDs with cover art and hard case are available for discerning fans


Some Better Moments
Barking Dog & The Treats
9 tracks (54:30)
High Quality MP3 files @ 160kbps

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Precious Treats
Some Better Moments
Barking Dog & The Treats


War With Words (5:33) 6.4mg
alive in George's garage

The Best She Could (4:49)* 5.4mg
the wild duelin hoedowner mix

Song To Marty (8:09)* 9.4mg
dedicated to Mister Marty Robbins

Trip On Me (6:07)* 7mg
the way live GrangeHalltm mix

Cowgirl In The Sand (8:32)* 9.8mg
the don't cry no tears around me mix

A Teenager Too (4:25) 5.1 mg
on stage at JamFestX

Dock Of The Bay (4:48)* 5.5mg
the mighty tight Treat take five mix

Euro Sad Song (6:05) 7mg
on day writ in The Spare Room

War Without Words (5:36)* 6.4mg
the what can you say mix


*living room live recordings

Peter Black
the original Barking Dog

vocals, slag guitar and banjocaster
writ the songs but for Cowgirl and Dock Of The Bay


The Treats

Wayne Christophersen
filigree fill guitar

Neil Lowe

George Cordes


Wayne, George and Neil




Don't Worry, Get Happy! (The War Song)
Peter Black (1991)

Woke up too early this morning
couldn't sleep no more
Crawled out of my bag where I'd crashed
on the floor the night before
Turned on TV, got Channel Four
They were showin it off, the brand new war

Don't worry, get happy!
Don't worry, get happy!

They were talkin bout the gas for my car
Bout how the prices were gonna drop so far
How with a little patience and a care
A young person could save up enough money
to buy a house somewhere

Don't worry, get happy...

They showed me some guys with gas masks on
They showed me 'a target that got hit right on'
The prognosis was for a 'total cure'
They 'really fucked the bastards, that's for sure'

Don't worry, get happy...

They were discussin 'the pursuin and the takin out'
They said 'it would be over without a shout'
Then they said they'd done 'reasonably well'
That's a pretty good phrase for
'reincartinatin hell'

Don't worry, get happy!
Don't worry, get happy!.

writ in New Zealand the morning US first invaded Iraq in 1991. Constructed from radom comments comin off the TV.

recorded in George's garage live 1.07

mic rig developed here in The Spare Room for recording in our 9'x12' practice room in George's garage Jan 07

George in The Spare Room at The Living Room Live Sessions May 2007

Song To Marty
Peter Black (1977)

Hadn't seen her since we were kids
Workin out of Taos sellin lids
When I got that letter from the south of the border jail
Lettin me know the matter'd gone a long past bail

Let that letter fall to the floor
Got into my sixty-four
Went to town and withdrew my wad
Unlockedk the glove and checked my rod
Stuck that pistol under the seat
Drove across the desert, avoided the heat
Made it to the border that night
Knew everything would be all right

By daybreak, I'd made it to the prison gate
The doorman there told me I was only three days late
For to gypsy bandits she'd been sold
Gonna turn that fair skin into gold
Drove on out into the dawn
Searchin for that ble-eyed fawn
Stopped by Jesus' to make the score
Knew I cound buy back that newborn whore
Then he laid me on to some reality
About the possibility
In a town just a further west
Where they only kept the best

I found her there in that sad cafe
Dancing for quarters it just don't pay
Knew with the help of Tequila I could steal her away
Drink on, gypsy bandits, ole

Stuffed her in the back of the pick-up truck
Headin for the border just to try our luck
Really did't turn out to be that hard
Gettin by the border guard
One the freeway to LA
Only ninety miles away
There it was we sell the stash
And we'd raise a little cash and we'd flee

Made it up the coast to Monterey
Everything looked to be ok
Found ourselves a little motel room by the sea
Kept our profiles low, avoided curioity

Made Love that night and started our fight
Jesus never felt so right
Then in the dawn, walkin the beach
There in the bay, freedom in reach
Yes, with a little help from the fishin fleet
Gettin us back on our feet
Got us north to Noyo and the redwood tree
And you can bet your ass, we are free

This was writ with Marty Robbins in mind back in the later 70's in the great seige at the El Camino Motel in San Rafael on BlueBelly's 12-string guiair.

recorded at home with The Treats live in the living room May 07

Neil gets wired up

Trip On Me
Peter Black 1980

Talkin bout she
Yes she
She laid a trip on me
Laid a trip on me
Laid a trip on me

(Talk about readin your beads)
Somebody please find me some light
Somebody, please, get me a flashlight

I helped her out to the car
I always wondered she how far
she'd go

Got the card from Yosemite
Askin me if I could finally see the mountains
in her mind

Guess you could say she took a trip
Yeah, she kinda gave me the slip
that night

So if you've got her
hold her tight
Who knows thing could work out right


written while hiding out in the Hoxie house on Winding Way up in Ross enduring the hard winter of 1980.

live living room recording 5.07

Wayne is always on the edge with the unexpected

A Teenager Too
Peter Black
from traditional beginnings
Boston 1963

When you're at the drag strip
You better play fair
Cause you know he's right with you
In his full-blown Corvair

You know he was like me and you
He was once a teenager too
Some people play him the fool
But, I'm tellin' you, that guy is cool

You know that guy could rock 'n roll
You could say he had some soul
You'd see him, into town he'd strut
Tried to steer clear of the authorities but...

You know some times, he'd get lit
Wanna go to town and kick some shit
He's the one who kicked the bankers
off the synagogue stairs
They all thought he had somethin' wrong upstairs

You know he was like me and you
He was once a teenager too
Some people play him the fool
But, I'm tellin' you, that guy is cool


recorded live on Labor Day Weekend in Fort Bragg CA at JamFestX onto a fallen video camera. 9.07

This mix really puts a spotlight on Wayne's wild guitar inventions. Where is that saxaphone part comin from?



You're A Sad Song
Peter Black (2006)

Unread, your note still sits on the mantle
Lit by the just extinguished candle
You're a sad song
Your empty plate still set at the table
No need for a confirming cable
You're a sad song

A snowstorm fills the television screen
The room is filled with the babble
from a radio unseen
You're a sad song

An empty coat hook down at the end of the hall
Through the open back door, the darkened sky,
the rain begins to fall
You're a sad song

Your shadow lies hidden beneath the fallen leaves
Your last breathe here is the very air I breathe
You're a sad song

recorded as being written in The Spare Room at home alone with the recorder goin. August .06


Pete tuning his BanjoCaster




Have fun. We sure did!

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