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The Treats


Right On Time (9:42)

Dream Dance (6:22)

No Woman No More (7:35)

Song For Chase (R. Karch) (12:37)



Peter Black . Wayne Christophersen

Neil Lowe and Tom Rickard


As It Was in The Spare Room

March 10, 2010


Phantom Engineered

(c)(p) Peter Black/nwa 1972, 1974, 2010

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Spring 2010


"Pete's music is a real joke!" - a delighted fan.


a little Sampler CD pressing from when the wife was away in March


Stand Back!


The Treats


4 tracks (36:35)

Live in The Spare Room

March 10, 2010


Totally Off The Cuff and In The Rough


Genuine Once Only Miracle Tracks


For Hearty Souls


all tracks live including vocal, headset studio w/ new low$ electronic drum set

Spontaneous Combustion!

four tracks are in sequence as recorded

one great night

all things possible


Pete on banjocaster

Wayne on his Les Paul

Neil on bass

Tom on the new nuf ramboto lo$$ studio electronic drum set (Alesis DM5 w/misc triggers)


Some of Wayne's more grotty guitar settings (trk 1) might lead you to believe some of these tracks might be imperfect or even contain actual distortion. Do not be fooled. This is the real thing. Enjoy. Play it loud. Go with it. Like falling off a wall...


'Right On Time' was originally written in Comptche Cabin Days (1972).


'Dream Dance' was a premiere performance piece: "a slow dance of 2 chords to be played for 6 min with potential for porn film soundtrack" (without rehearsal.). This first performance can not be duplicated.


'Ain't Gonna Sing No Song To No Woman No More' was one of very last Comptche Cabin Songs and was written in winter 73.-74.


My good friend Richard Karch wrote 'Song For Chase (Let My New World Begin)' for his newborn nephew arriving on the eve of the last invasion of Iraq those some few years back. Love this song which we use here with his kind permission.  Each rendition creates it's own windmill.






The Agenda Studio * Box1549 * Fort Bragg * CA * 95437 * USA

"where it's ok to have fun with your music"


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