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from the private collection of William McCormick:

Juventino Rosas Juarez:

We met this artist while travelling in Mexico in 1983. We had inquired at several of the galleries in Guanajuato, and they all spoke very highly of one man: Juventino Rosas Juarez. We searched out his home/studio, near the cathedral in downtown, and arranged a visit to see some of his work. He was an amazing man, physically handicapped, but handling the brush and oils masterfully.

We bought these two paintings directly from the artist, and I believe that, of all the works we saw, the "Family Scene" is his masterpiece.

He attended the same art school as Diego Rivera, about a generation or two later, and was apparently greatly influenced by Rivera's work.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to contact him, or learn anything about him recently.


"Guanajuato Family"
Juventino Rosas Juarez
oil on canvas
(44 x 32)



"Street Scene, Guanajuato, near the old Church"
Juventino Rosas Juarez
oil on canvas
(32 x 24)

These two paintings are available for sale from the collector. You may contact him at for details.


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