Some Good Stories

We recently put out a writers call hoping for some insight into the effect material or spiritual poverty may have played in our writers' lives. Here are a few of their offerings. We've called it Poverty Pudding.

The stuff Aggie writ for Twelve From The Bar.

Sadly, our dear friend, Madelene Cole passed away late last year. Most of us were not aware of her early success as a writer of short fiction. Her short story Bus To Biarritz, which was first published in Story in 1934, was awarded a O'Henry Short Story Award and was also selected for publication as one of The Best Short Stories:1935. We are proud to be republishing it here after some 60 years.

That's Why We Call Them Stories: "here's a cheery little piece I did a few years back, basically a reconstruction of an event that actually happened...more a journal entry than anything..." by Tony Power a primary generational historian.

"I was looking up some old friends here in Santa Barbara online, and found Tony Power's story on your web site. After reading his "journal entry", I was amazed at the tale told. I do realize it was quite some years ago, 1995 when published, but I would like to submit my personal take, in an amusing anecdotal short story if you wouldn't mind." An interesting perspective from Lori Slayton, 17 years later, that being, October 2012.

Lookout editor Montague Banks suggested we run this outrageous x-rated dog story by his friend Allan Argus who writes out of New Mexico. His
Laddie Lucks Out seemed a perfect item to help inaugurate this page. We hope to be bringing more of the better work of this whimsical writer to your attention in the near future.

plus archive stuff from John Weil and Peter Black.

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