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Ethereal Tapes - Peter Black (1965) The reel stuff that toured Eastern Europe as fringe Fluxus in '65.

Found Sound - unique ambiant and effects libraries created with a wink and a nod to Emory Cook and his famous recordings which miraculously are still available today.

Earl C. Lewis - Slide blues poet extroadinaire


The Possee Tape - Stephen Agetstien, Peter Black and Ginger Ward (Video Vigilantes) B&W Porta-pak reel to reel. 1976

Rough, raw and revealing footage shot of the Possee Comitas movement about Petaluma circa 1976. Part of the Video Vigilante bicentenial series. (research material or rental only)

Visit With Dad - Stephen Agetstein, Peter Black and Ginger Ward (Video Vigilantes) 1976

Begun as a prototype for a series of video encounters between disaffected fathers and sons, this project produced a unique and revealing portrait of a man who was a politician to his self. (rental only)

The Brown Bag Band, Live at The Lodge, Forest Knolls, CA 1976

If you ain't been there you never will. Prototypical one man shoot and audio gig. Great gift of porta-pak stuff was that reel was spinning at 7 1/2 ips before it even touched that spinnin' head. It took Hi-Fi encoded video sound to ever touch the early possibilities. Steve Agetstien - camera, Peter Black - light and microphone.

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