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Collected Poems & Stories in chapbooks and on broadsides:

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Paper Bag Poems by Dave Valentine (1994) 56pgs

Dave was born in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1970 and grew up in Connecticut on the coast. He spent out the rest of his early youth in North Carolina and New Jersey where he got close to New York City and developed decadent tendencies. From there he moved to West Virginia where he just kinda drifted around in and out of the University of West Virginia. Then he got into the Air Force where he got kicked out for 'inability to adapt'. From there he took a train from the panhandle of Florida, through the bayou, through Texas and El Paso, up to LA, and then up to Oakland where he went to San Francisco for two days, found it to be totally insane and went to Berkeley where he found it even worse and there tended bar for awhile. Around Christmas a friend invited him up to Fort Bragg and he got stuck. All these poems were written in and about Fort Bragg, north coast California, during the brutal March of '94 'cept 'My Dream Would Be' which was written up there in the new spring of April. Then the carnival stole him away. Now he's eatin' fire.



Dancing Around The Banana Tree by Peter Black (1994) 12pgs

"This riprap was tape recorded as it happened in the field behind my place long after we should have been asleep and then it got transcribed and now this is the way it is written and bein' for Ramblin' Jack Elliot."


(The above will link you to a preformatted version of this poem which you are welcome to read here or download to your own word processor. Choose your own font and become a subsidiary publisher. We usually print this up in a 14pt. face. Have fun with your new broadside!)


Safe at Home the early collected short stories by Peter Black (1968-1979) 100pgs

Five elemental tales of survival told with a sense of humor, some style and a modicum of insight. Includes Breaking It (1968), Burning Tires (1969), The Rainbow Run (1971), Visit With Dad (1974)) and New Suit (1979) which was also made into a videoplay (1985) and is also available from us.


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