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Peter Black wrote the songs, plays slagstyle guitar and hoddles the vocal
Wayne Christopherson fills any holes with his rhythm guitar
while George Cordes bashes the drum
and Oona deLoche trashes the bass

these are mp3 files

Fanny Shakin * Woman To Me * Ghost Riders * PhyllisAnn * Stand By Me * Quite A Time * First Meetin


Here's a little sampler of the stuff we were doin this summer. Fanny Shakin is the notorious one chord song and Woman To Me got writ during the great seige of '77 at the El Camino Motel in San Rafael. We had just started doin Ghost Riders when this got recorded so this is about as raw as it's gonna get. Phyllis Ann materialized just this spring, but I been singin that little diddly riff to myself ever since I used to head out Commonwealth Ave to find her down at the dorms on the Charles River, Back Bay Boston, 1963. I found the fundamental chords to Stand By Me in an old songbook and got mesmerized into this carnival shuffle. Quite A Time came to me while I was down in New Zealand just after my dad died and I was givin time and such a thought. At first this was sort of a dirge, but now, it's simply the laid back oldsters anthem. "Make that an O'Doul's!" First Meetin' is the first six minutes of the first time Wayne and I got our guitars together. What a whole new sound. That was the end of April this spring.. Luckily we had the recording machine goin. The other tracks were recorded on and about September 19, 2005 as 'live' as it gets. True 'miracle music' in that it finally got recorded at all. I dicked with em a bit and got this little package together. Enjoy! Sure great to be playin music again. Your old pal... Barking Dog



The Bones with guest Chris Lods (w/hat) at Mendo Surf Fest Summer 2005

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Spring 2006

New Stuff!

The Raw Deal

Live recordings from the Benefit for The Footlighters Little Theatre in Fort Bragg, California, April 15, 2006

these are mp3 files

PhyllisAnn * Woman To Me * Tell Me The Story * Whose Gonna Jump Your Bones? * The War Song * Trip On Me * Quite A Time

all with The Spiceman Frank Casian joining The Original Bones on Lead

Frank and Pete





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