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Labor Day Weekend 2008

Here are Neil's mini-disc recordings of the big Labor Day weekend bar-b-q at Kenny's Surf Paradise in Mendocino 9.08 We opened the set with The Best She Could a song I wrote back in '92 when I returned from New Zealand and found that my old patron Mary Payne had died of AIDS. What irony that she would be the first to go among my vast array of vulnerable friends and associates. She apparently contacted the disease while setting up a healh care clinic for the people of Haiti. She was forty-three. She sure loved to dance!

Being a Labor Day Celebration we followed with this sobering stomp up of the Merle Travis classic Dark As A Dungeon and was "dedicated to all those that risk their lives to do their jobs."

PhylissAnn got writ just a couple years ago but originates from little riffs I used to croon to myself crossing over the Charles River to visit my girlfriend in art sschool back in Boston in 1963.



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